About Us

Hospitals are actively seeking post-acute providers that can manage more medically complex patients effectively and without readmissions. Our team includes: cardiologists, pulmonologists, hospitalists, intensivists, physiatrists, and a diverse team of specialty physicians. Our multidisciplinary team also includes registered nurses, marketing specialists, operational executives and individuals certified in healthcare compliance that can help prepare you to be a preferred partner.

Marketing Services:

  • Optimize Census and Build Market Share
  • Sales Team Training
  • Physician Relationship Building
  • Program Development
  • Branding

Operational/ Clinical Services:

  • Service Line Expansion
  • Education and Systems to ensure Clinical Competency
  • Physician needs assessment/Medical Staff Development
  • Clinical Staff Education
  • Development of Specialty Documentation Templates
  • Administration/Management Support

Compliance/Regulatory Services:

  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Compliance Plan Development
  • QAPI tracking and Benchmarking
  • Mock-Surveys and Plans of Correction
  • Policy and Procedure Development